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Lynden Physical Therapists become Orthopaedic Specialists

Jeannett Penner and Doniel Hagee physical therapists at Capstone Physical Therapy in Lynden received Board Certification as Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist on June 17, 2013. Less than 5% of Physical therapists in the USA are certified as orthopaedic specialists by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists. Physical Therapists receiving the orthopaedic clinical specialist (OCS) have [...]

Raspberry 5K Fun Run/Walk

This year at the Raspberry Festival 5K Fun Run/Walk we will have a station for injury consultations, sports taping and we will have free sport bottles and a filling station. Available to all participants. Come receive your sport bottle before or after the run. We look forward to seeing you!

When Do I Use Ice or Heat?

Home Injury Treatment: Learn when and how to use ice and heat to ease pain in muscles.

What is my Core?

When reference is made to your "core" many people think it is your entire abdominal/trunk region. It actually refers to a specific group of deep muscles in your trunk region. These muscles include the deepest layer of abdominals (the Transverse Abdominis), muscles of the pelvic floor, deep back muscles (Multifidi) and your Diaphragm (responsible [...]

Physical Therapy for Women’s Health

Women's health rehabilitation is a specialty practice area of physical therapy. It is an area of physical therapy that addresses the unique medical needs of women. Women's health rehabilitation includes treatment for pre-natal and post-partum patients, continence problems, osteoporosis, pelvic, hip and back pain. Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Care Pelvic and back pain [...]