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Support the Big Climb

  Dr. Kazymyra from Bay Medical in Blaine will be climbing for Leukenia and Lymphoma at the 29th Annual Big Climb, on March 22nd in Seattle with the rest of Larissa's Crew. They have a team goal to raise $50,000. Capstone is proud to support this team and we encourage our Facebook friends [...]

No Pain, No Gain

Is “no pain, no gain” a good approach to exercise? When experiencing discomfort during exercise, there is a difference between muscle soreness and pain. Most people believe that muscle soreness is due to a buildup of lactic acid within the muscles but it actually develops from the repair process in response to tiny muscle fiber breakdown, or small tears, during a workout1.

Physical Therapy for Headache Relief

Headaches are a common problem and can have many different causes. What many people do not realize is that headaches can start from dysfunctions in the neck and are called cervicogenic headaches. These headaches typically start on one side of the neck at the back of the head and migrate into the eye. They [...]