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Custom Orthotic Inserts

Quality Custom Orthotics from Physical Therapists

Orthotics are inserts in a shoe that correct biomechanical faults. Orthotics limit the amount of abnormal stress placed on the soft tissues and joints of the lower extremity by correcting mechanical deviations. Your therapist at Capstone Physical Therapy will complete a thorough evaluation and then establish a treatment plan that may include treatments for pain control, manual therapy techniques, stretching and exercise. After conservative treatment and assessment of your biomechanical deviations it may be appropriate to utilize orthotic correction. Orthotics are very helpful for patients suffering from lower extremity pain due to a biomechanical fault.

Capstone therapists can recommend pre-made orthotics for a minor fault or take a cast of your foot for a custom corrective fit. Orthotics can be beneficial to people of activity levels and all ages, including children.