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Project Description

Kristin Foote, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant

Kristin has been a physical therapist assistant for over 20 years.  Kristin has a wide variety of experience in outpatient and geriatric settings.  She  has received advanced education in manual therapy, orthopaedics, and geriatrics.

Whatcom Community College, 1994: Physical Therapist Assistant

Evidence Based Treatment of the Cervical Spine
Developing Positive Emotional Habits
Therapeutic Taping, Posture and Positioning Techniques
Life Support
Spinal Stabilization for the PTA
How The Brain Forms New Habits: Why Willpower Is Not Enough
Manual Skills for the Upper Quarter- Clinical Pearls
Therapeutic Balls: A new generation of treatment applications and therapy progressions
Why We Worry: Understanding and Treating Anxiety Disorders
Life Support
Protecting the Aging Brain: Focus on Nutrition and Mind/Body Health
The Ever-Changing Brain
Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy- Mobilization of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine and Ribs.
The Immune System: The Mind-Body Connection Who Gets Sick and Who Stays Well
Life Support
Manual Therapy for PTA’s/Spine Interventions