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Balance and Fall Prevention

ballance and fall prevention

Loss of balance and falls are a leading cause of injury and hospitalization for older populations. Every year, 1 out of 3 adults older than 65 have a fall. Falls can result in minor injuries (bruises) or major injuries (hip fractures & head injuries). At Capstone Physical Therapy your physical therapist is experienced in working with patients who have a history of falls, have injuries as a result of a fall or are at risk for falls.  Your physical therapist will complete a thorough evaluation of your strength, flexibility, complete a balance assessment and review other factors that can contribute to falls. Together you will work to regain stability and reduce the incidence of falls and injury. You will do this with a program of exercises, flexibility and safety education.

Over half of all falls take place in a person’s home. Many falls can be prevented. Fall related injuries can affect your independence and quality of life. Exercise can increase strength, flexibility, balance and reduce your risk of falling. Physical therapists work with patients to improve their balance and reduce their chances of having a fall. Physical therapy for balance disorders addresses factors that contribute to falls: unsteadiness and dizziness (vestibular rehabilitation), home safety, weakness and pain.


  • Remove trip hazards such as rugs and obstacles.
  • Install grab bars next to the toilet and shower.
  • Stand up slowly to avoid dizziness.
  • Install adequate lighting in the home.
  • Use a cane or walker as recommended by your health care professional.
  • Wear supportive shoes with non-skid soles and a low heel.
  • Review your medications with your doctor.
  • Have your physical therapist create a personal home exercise and fall prevention program.