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About Capstone in Bellingham

Capstone Physical Therapy has 3 locations in Bellingham: Bakerview, Barkley, and Fairhaven. The clinics offer physical and occupational therapy. Our passion at Capstone is making your rehab program as pleasant as possible. We strive for this through friendly customer service, highly trained therapists, and evidence-based therapy programs. If you are looking for effective Bellingham physical therapy, look no further than our clinics in Bakerview Square, Barkley Village, or Fairhaven Plaza.

Each of our Bellingham clinics offers high quality care with many different services. Our goal is to offer the best physical and occupational services in Bellingham. We even support all your rehabilitation needs with outpatient therapy services. If you are recovering from an injury or surgical procedure, physical therapy is an important part of your rehab program. Our physical therapists continue their education to be able to offer the best care in many different specialty areas. Capstone’s therapists strive to get to the core of what is causing your pain. We even offer custom orthotics designed to improve your quality of living with every step.

The friendly team members at Capstone Physical Therapy are equipped to treat a wide variety of conditions for all ages. Each one of our Bellingham clinics holds an open gym as well as several private treatment rooms. We offer a balance and fall prevention program for seniors. Whether someone is recovering from a stroke or joint surgery, one of our Bellingham physical therapy clinics is ready to help. Capstone’s therapists are equipped to treat the many needs of our patients.

AlterG & Occupational Therapy

The Bakerview clinic hosts the 2nd AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill in Whatcom County, with the first one at our Lynden clinic. The AlterG holds the same technology used by major league sports franchises, such as the Seattle Seahawks. Capstone Physical Therapy is the only physical therapy service that offers this technology north of Seattle. Athletes looking to improve their performance and reduce injuries are well advised to try out our AlterG.

Capstone even offers occupational therapy at our Bakerview location. One of Capstone’s occupational therapists is a Certified Hand Therapist, so we provide hand therapy at our Bakerview clinic.


We are conveniently located throughout Bellingham for shopping and errands. You can find our Bakerview clinic on West Bakerview Road. Our Barkley clinic is located on Newmarket Street. Lastly, our Fairhaven clinic is directly off of Old Fairhaven Parkway. Each of our three locations in Bellingham has free parking. We serve all of Bellingham and the surrounding communities.

Capstone’s Community

Capstone Physical Therapy is locally owned and community minded. We have participated in and sponsored a variety of community events and charitable causes. We love supporting local schools, and we have also supported the Relay for Life. Members of the Capstone team have volunteered at the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital’s Physical Therapy Department. We are passionate about helping our neighbors, whether they are in our hometown or around the world.