Healthy Hips, Happy Knees

Are you experiencing knee pain while running? A common cause of knee pain is weak hips. Weak hips can cause pain on the front of the knee or the side of the knee 1,2. The hips work to control movement at the knee and weakness can lead to increased pressure and strain on the [...]

Healthy Hips, Happy Knees2021-07-23T15:02:32-07:00

Knee Injuries: The ACL

ACL injuries are common amongst high school and collegiate athletes in high risk sports, ranging from sprains to complete ruptures. They generally occur during activities including changing direction while running, coming to an abrupt stop, improper landing upon jumping, and collisions during contact sports.

Knee Injuries: The ACL2021-07-23T15:59:58-07:00

Physical Therapy for Women’s Health

Women's health rehabilitation is a specialty practice area of physical therapy. It is an area of physical therapy that addresses the unique medical needs of women. Women's health rehabilitation includes treatment for pre-natal and post-partum patients, continence problems, osteoporosis, pelvic, hip and back pain. Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Care Pelvic and back pain [...]

Physical Therapy for Women’s Health2021-07-27T09:35:44-07:00