Capstone Physical Therapy | October 2014

Jeannett and Vonda from Capstone Physical Therapy traveled to Katmandu, Nepal in October with Marv Tjolker and Alvin Starkenburg. Jeannett and Vonda worked in the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital’s Physical Therapy Department. Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital is a hospital in Katmandu that specializes in surgeries and treatment for orthopaedic injuries (bone and joint). They worked alongside the hospital physical therapy staff treating patients in the clinic and on the hospital ward. They delivered 2 ultrasounds, exercise equipment and TENS machines that were purchased by the Mount Baker Rotary club. The rotary club has been a major contributor to the hospital over the years.

In addition to working in the hospital Vonda and Jeannett spent time serving the children from several Kidstown international orphanages. They helped with a painting project and distributed items that were donated by local businesses. T-shirts were donated by Advantage sports and dental Hygiene kits were donated by Clough Dentistry and Veltkamp Dentistry.

KidsTown is an organization that provides care for orphans in Nepal, Romania and India. They offer sponsorship opportunities for the children. Kidstown has many children in need of sponsorship. You can sponsor a child for approximately $35 per month. Sponsorship is an excellent way to help these children with their basic needs. More information about Kidstown can be found on their website: