Therapist Opportunities

Capstone physical and occupational therapists are passionate about providing evidenced based patient care and advancing their clinical skills and knowledge.  They actively pursue advanced training and specialty certifications and mentor the next generation of therapists. Capstone therapists are trusted by patients and providers and have received the Best of the Northwest award for the past 6 years.

Capstone offers a competitive compensation package that includes paid time off, healthcare, continued education funds, retirement and APTA membership along with leadership training, management, and partnership opportunities.

The leadership team has high integrity and truly cares for their team members. The work is fun and I am constantly learning something new.

I worked for Capstone for 6 years and enjoyed every bit of it. They strive for excellence in every area. They are not owned by an investment company so the productivity requirements are very reasonable.

Capstone cares for both their patients and their staff. Even during the current stressful times for healthcare, the atmosphere is uplifting and fun.

I’ve not only become a better therapist and manager through their coaching and leadership opportunities, but also, have become a better person because of them.

They invest in their employees and provide opportunity for advancement. Every therapist I have worked with has been kind, helpful, and cares deeply for their coworkers and patients.

If you care about helping people and want to work at a place where you get along great with your coworkers, Capstone is the place for you!

Manager Opportunities

If you are a growth minded therapist looking to make an impact while serving both patients and therapy providers, you’ve come to the right place.  Capstone is a therapist owned private practice with a commitment to evidenced based patient care and leadership development and management training.

Capstone managers and those looking to become clinic managers attend leadership training, in services, management meetings, and are committed to continual professional and personal development for the betterment of the teams they lead and the patients they serve.

Ownership Opportunities

Capstone is expanding to bringing high quality evidenced based physical and occupational therapy to more patients and more locations.

Capstone is seeking out exceptional therapists with an entrepreneurial growth mindset and a passion for leadership to join Capstone and become a partner in a new clinic. Capstone provides management, leadership, marketing, and business development training.

The Capstone partnership combines your expert therapy skills and entrepreneurial spirit with our proven front and back-office business systems. If you are ready to take the next step from therapist or manager to clinic owner, we would like to hear from you.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you looking to sell your physical therapy practice? Or perhaps you want to focus more on patient care or clinic management than all the back-office busy work.  Whether you’re looking to retire, sell, or partner, we would like to talk more.  Capstone is actively looking to purchase existing physical and occupational therapy practices.