Bike Fit

Get a proper bike fit for long term cycling health and performance.

Whether you are a high-performing cyclist, weekend warrior, bike commuter, or just enjoys a casual ride, getting a proper bike fit at Capstone Physical Therapy helps for long term cycling health and performance. Our therapists have experience fitting road cyclists, triathletes, mountain bikers, cyclocross athletes, and casual bikers. If you are an established patient, a bike fit can be performed as part of your comprehensive rehabilitation program. Capstone also offers a bike fit as a cash-pay option for athletes in the community. Anyone looking to improve their cycling injury-prevention, efficiency, performance, or aerodynamics is welcome. Our physical therapists use your unique athletic experience, health history, and morphology to work towards a proper bike fit. A bike fit can be a dynamic process. We will offer recommendations on possible components, equipment, or clothing changes as you adapt to your goal position.

What to bring to a Bike Fit at Capstone Physical Therapy:

  • Clean bike
  • Bike shorts
  • Regular bike shoes and pedal
  • Any equipment changes you would like included in the bike fit
    • New saddle
    • Aero bars