Men’s Pelvic Health

Men’s Pelvic Health Rehabilitation

The goal of Men’s Pelvic Health Rehabilitation is to teach you how to improve overall pelvic floor function and help you enjoy everyday life. Your physical therapist will complete a thorough evaluation and work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan to address your therapy goals.

Physical Therapists at Capstone can help men with the following:

  • Back, hip and pelvic pain including
    • Testicular pain
    • Penile pain
    • Tailbone pain
    • Rectal pain
  • Post-surgical complications after prostatectomy and cancer treatments
  • Pre and post hernia repair
  • Urinary dysfunction including frequency, retention, leaking, and post-void dribble
  • Bowel dysfunction involving constipation or leakage
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED).