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Doniel received her Bachelor of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine from Eastern Washington University in 2002 and her Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2005 from Eastern Washington University. In 2013 she received board certification as an Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist. Doniel has received advanced education in manual therapy, orthopaedics, and sports rehabilitation. She is a licensed Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer in Washington State. Whether it is pickleball or professional football, Doniel loves seeing athletes achieve another level they did not think was possible. She also specializes in orthopaedics, manual therapy, and spinal rehabilitation. In her free time, Doniel enjoys running, camping, and enjoying smores by the fire with her family. To schedule with Doniel in Blaine, call 360-332-5111.

Eastern Washington Univeristy, 2002: Bachelor of Science degree, major in Athletic Training
Eastern Washington University, 2005: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist
Athletic Trainer Certified

Vestibular Rehabilitation: Vestibular Disorders
Evidence Base Treatment and Examination of the Cervical Spine
Neurogenic Dysfunction of Spondylolisthesis: The hidden Link
Rotator Cuff and Labral pathology: Presentation and Post-Operative Rehabilitation
Evidence-Based Treatment and Examination of the Hip
Hip Osteoarthritis: An Evidence-Based Approach
Instrument Assisted Tissue Mobilization
Orthotic Fabrication
Sports Specific Performance
Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders
Introduction to HSD/EDS
General Rehab Strategies for HSD/EDS
TheraBand® Kinesiology Tape: Basic Applications of the Lower and Upper Quarters, Clinical Integration, Research and Methods
Therapeutic Taping of the Upper and Lower Extremities and Trunk in the Pediatric Client
Impaired Muscle Performance and Sarcopenia
Common Injuries and Pathologies of the Elbow, Wrist, and Hand in Sport
The Athlete’s Hip: Treatment of Hip Pathology
Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries for the Sports Therapist
Post Surgical Management Part 1: Basic Principles of Spinal Surgery
Peak Performance and Psychology of Performance
Basic Musculoskeletal Radiology and Imaging
The Athlete Movement System: Spine
Advanced Rehab for the Baseball Pitcher to Improve ROM & Strength
The Movement System: Humeral Syndromes of the Shoulder
The Movement System: Throwing Biomechanics and Treatment
The Movement System: Assessment and Treatment of Knee Pain
Rehabilitation & Prevention of Adductor Strains
Basic Skills to Manage Breast-Cancer-Related Edema
Biomechanics of the Shoulder
The Athlete Movement System: Speed, Power, and Agility
Graston Technique®: Treating Movement Dysfunction through Functional Testing, Graston Technique®, and Adjunctive Therapies
Common Spinal Pathologies in Pediatric and Adolescent Patients
Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Part 1: Definition & Diagnosis
Evidence-Based Examination of the Foot and Ankle
Advanced Ankle and Foot Rehabilitation

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