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Kate received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Western Washington University in 1988, and has a background working in the social services.  In 2008 she received her degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant from Whatcom Community College, and has had the opportunity to work in both hospital and outpatient settings.  She enjoys her work with individuals of all ages, addressing rehabilitation for a variety of injury, post surgical, and medical conditions. To schedule an appointment with Kate in Bakerview, call 360-752-5551.

Western Washington University, 1988: Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology
Whatcom Community College, 2008: Physical Therapist Assistant

Evaluation and Treatment of Spinal Rehabilitation
Differentiating Between Lumbar vs SI vs Hip Dysfunction
Application of Pain Neuroscience Education
Concussion Management
ACL Rehabilitation
Post-surgical Knee Procedures and Physical Therapy
Neurosurgery Procedures and Physical Therapy Red Flags
Pain Neuroscience and the Older Adult
The Neuroscience of Pain
The Pain Epidemic and Biopsychosocial Mode
Vestibular Rehabilitation: BPPV, Vestibular Hypofunction and Beyond
Women’s Health: Menopause
The Mediterranean Dite: An Approach to Better Health
Knee Pain: A clinical Update
Women’s Health: Chronic Pain
Vitamin D: Vitamin, Hormone, Protector
The Power of Walking
Arthritis, Diet, and Exercise
Women’s Health and Physical Fitness
Therapeutic Taping, Posture and Positioning Techniques
Arthritis, Back Ache, and Bone Disease
Understanding Designing & Implementing Functional Exercises for Seniors
Pilates: why it Works. Principals of Functional Exercise
Yoga as a Therapeutic Tool
How the Brain Forms New Habits
Manual Skills for Upper Quarter Clinical Pearls
Therapeutic Balls
Shoulder Disorders/ Injuries
Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy-Treatment of Common Extremity Dysfunction Through Mobilization

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