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Vonda VanderYacht, PTA

Vonda has been a Physical Therapy Assistant for over 20 years.  Vonda has a great deal of experience working in many different areas of therapy.  She has treated patient’s with acute and surgical orthopaedic injuries, athletic injuries, balance disorders, postural dysfunction, CVA’s, cardiac, total joint replacements and many other conditions. To schedule an appointment with Vonda in Lynden, call 360-354-1115.

Whatcom Community College, 1994: Physical Therapist Assistant

The Athlete’s Hip: Evaluation of Groin Pain
ICF Best Practice Recommendations: Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis
Treatment of Lateral Elbow Pain
The Movement System: Assessment and Treatment of LBP
Achilles Tendinosis and Graston Technique
Dementia Care: Understanding Common Symptoms for Better Care
Dementia Care: Reducing the Risk of Challenging Situations
Strength Training for the Older Adults: Part 1 – Lower Body Major Lifts
Evidenced Based Treatment of the SIJ/Pelvis
Evidenced Treatment of the Thoracic Spine
Evidence Treatment of the Shoulder
Balance Training and Fall Prevention for the Active Geriatric Patient
Exercise Prescription for Hip and Pelvic Movement – Part 1
Treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Treatment of Shoulder Impingement

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